7 Lucky Betting Tips from Wisebetsy.com

  1. First, SIGN UP with a betting tips and predictions provider such as WISEBETSY.COM and a successful betting agent such as BET-IBC to increase your chances of winning as all the selected games are well analyzed. Make an informed decision on whether to go PREMIUM or use the FREE subscription.
  2. Always do a little research and cross-check carefully after getting our tips. We might have placed a sure win on one game but you could decide on a double chance(DC) of DC1X or DCX2 in favor of our favorites.
  3. Avoid staking huge cash amounts even when you are extremely confident that a certain selection will end the way you have selected. We advise splitting your stake into two or three portions then betting responsibly to avoid sinking in debts.
  4. If you are planning to invest in betting and make it your full-time job, set aside an amount such as $3000 and play with only that amount responsibly. Avoid over-indulgence in staking all your money in a single bet slip.
  5. After winning, do not be tempted to use your entire winnings in playing again. We advise our clients to withdraw their profits and save then remain with their principal stake.
  6. Always do an analysis every week or bi-weekly whether or not you are making profits. That way, you will decipher whether or not, betting is a profitable venture.
  7. Ensure you place your bets asap when the tips have been posted in our site to ensure that the odds do not drop due to numerous people betting on a favorite.